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Madison Nicole Blue, a graduate of the Paul Mitchell the School, has been passionate about hair and make-up for as long as she can remember. As a little girl her mother would catch her in her make-up drawers experimenting with all her cosmetics; unlike the usual mess a child would make of their face, Madison expressed a skillful talent beyond her years.

        Madison’s passion carried on to middle school and then high school and was highly recognized by her peers. Her peers would ask her to do their hair and make-up before a big night out or a special occassion. For Madison’s eighteenth birthday, Madison took a trip with her closest girlfriends to Cabo San Lucas; as she helped get her friends all made up for a night out, one of them asked her if she thought about taking her talent seriously and making it a profession. This was the first time Madison had actually considered it a serious option. That following year Madison looked into different cosmetology schools when she decided Paul Mitchell was best for her.


During her education at Paul Mitchell, Madison had the opportunity to work with Dean Banowetz (XFactor, Hunger Games II) as hair model, in hopes to learn more about his craft. Being a hair model for Dean turned into helping him prepare hair pieces for his shows which piqued Madison's interest in wigs and hairstyling for film and television.


After graduating from Paul Mitchell, Madison met a make-up artist, Karina Moore, (UK native who has worked with Frank Ocean, Michael Douglas, Vanessa Hudgens and has done music videos for Soundgarden, Wiz Kahlifa and The Darkness to name a few) who took her under her wing and mentored her through a plethora of photoshoots and music videos which took Madison's skill set to a whole new level. []


For the past three years Madison apprenticed under Michael Kanyon, (Celestine represented hairstylist who's work has been seen in Vogue, Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan, and many more) who has been teaching her the art of editorial hairstyling, John Sahag's Dry Haircutting Technique. Working under Michael has been a learning experience, which she continues to grow as her own individual artist. []

Madison has also been involved closely with product development and testing of American English Hair Care, launching later this. Along with helping with the development of American English, Madison is Educational Director of the line working hand in hand with Michael Kanyon, Creative Director, to educate and inspire the next generation of hairdressers. 

Madison is always striving to learn from others and grow as an artist. Madison believes that in this industry one never stops learning and should always aim to achieve greatness and learn from those around oneself.