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Madison Blue, a graduate of the Paul Mitchell the School, has been passionate about hair and make-up for as long as she can remember. As a little girl her mother would catch her in her make-up drawers experimenting with all her cosmetics; unlike the usual mess a child would make of their face, Madison expressed a skillful talent beyond her years.

 After graduating high school at the age of 16, Madison went on to study at Santa Monica College before realizing her real passion was hair and make-up. Madison had always had a creative arts side, was always deemed a social butterfly, and always wanted to make others feel good about themselves; so she thought what better way to do that then to make people feel beautiful while creating her own pieces of art work for each individual.

During her education at Paul Mitchell, Madison had the opportunity to work with Dean Banowetz (XFactor, Hunger Games II) as hair model, in hopes to learn more about his craft. Being a hair model for Dean turned into helping him prepare hair pieces for his shows which piqued Madison's interest in wigs and hairstyling for film, television and commercials.

After graduating Paul Mitchel, and assisting a few other artists to learn more about the craft, Madison met Michael Kanyon (Celestine represented hairstylist who's work has been seen in Vogue, Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan, and many more). Upon meeting Kanyon, Madison started a intensive apprenticeship for the next 3 years.  Kanyon taught her all about the art of editorial hairstyling, John Sahag's Dry Haircutting Technique, and so much more. Working under Kanyon was a learning experience, in which she was able grow into her own individuality as an artist.

Madison has also been involved closely with product development and testing of American English Hair Care, founded by Michael Kanyon and Stephen Durham. Along with helping with the development of American English, Madison is Educational Director of the brand, working hand in hand with Kanyon, Creative Director, to educate and inspire the next generation of hairdressers. 

Madison, currently a session freelance hairstylist and Educational Director of American English, also has a steady salon clientele and Daniel Jordan Salon where she specializes in color, color corrrections and the John Sahag’s Dry Haircutting Technique. Working in the session world has helped Madison transfer the glamorous styles on the camera to in the chair for her clientele.

Madison is always striving to learn from others and grow as an artist. Madison believes that in this industry one never stops learning and should always aim to achieve greatness and learn from those around oneself.